A Native Thanksgiving Complete with Cranberries

American Cranberry or High Bush Cranberry

In all her glory, the American Cranberry,Viburnum trilobum, currently displays her autumnal wardrobe. Her mottled, green and burnt sienna colored  foliage accessorized with scarlet fruit  provide quite a sight along the creeks edge. During the winter, after the leaves have fallen, the beautiful scarlet fruits remain providing a windbreak and vibrant visual contrast to the snow-covered ground below.

Photo by Jim Schuler

The American Cranberry is a species of Viburnum native to northern North America and found from British Columbia south to Idaho, eastward to Northern Virginia and north to Newfoundland. Growing conditions  for this native, deciduous shrub, will determine its height. However, most grow to a height of between six and ten feet. In spring, the plant boast clusters of white flowers, which give rise to winter’s scarlet fruit. The berries provide tart sustenance for hungry birds and beasts. A complete plant profile is available on United States Department of Agriculture: Natural Resources Conservation Service  web page.

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